Top Ten expensive cars 2014

April 7, 2021
9. Pagani Huayra $1,300,

To qualify as an IIHS Top Safety choose +, vehicles must perform well in IIHS small overlap front crash test and head-on, side, and rollover examinations. The little overlap test duplicates striking another automobile or a stationary item with the forward sides associated with car. When this happens, crash energy gets distributed unevenly through the car’s framework, which makes it almost certainly going to intrude to the passenger storage space. Only vehicles scoring “Good” (the IIHS’s highest ranking from among Good, Acceptable, Marginal, and bad) and showing the strongest showing in frontal collision prevention come here.

Frontal Collision Protection Techniques

Frontal collision avoidance systems function autonomously to either prevent or mitigate front-to-rear crashes. These usually integrate a warning function of some type (usually aesthetic and/or aural, though some include haptic notifications also) as well as automatic braking to greatly help motorists stay away from rear-ending a stopped or slower-moving car or individual. These frontal collision prevention methods will even generally speaking make an effort to stop the car when stationary objects, pedestrians, and in some cases bicyclists, have been in imminent threat of becoming hit.

A Significant Caveat

It is important to note, not absolutely all producers subject their cars to IIHS screening. (Some don’t anyway.) As a result, some vehicles featuring the newest crash avoidance equipment might not be represented right here. Without an unbiased evaluation agency quantifying the stability regarding the claims for a certain vehicle we can’t in good conscience recommend it. That does not imply vehicles such as the Mercedes S Class, Rolls Royce Phantom, or Bentley Mulsanne aren't safe, it simply indicates nobody’s crash tested them, therefore we can not state. Thus, these are the ten best luxury vehicles tested.

Acura RLX

Acura’s leading model, without probably the most impressive luxury vehicles with regards to its look, bristles with several leading edge technology. Functions including lane keep help, lane deviation warning, blind place tracks, distance detectors, and transformative cruise control are provided with the RLX. Antilock disc brakes, front-seat side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags, and a driver’s side leg airbag come as standard gear. Besides the collision prevention systems we spoke of previous, the Acura also includes a rear-view camera system to avoid backing over pedestrians or into other cars.

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