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February 12, 2021
2016 Honda Odyssey HD Images

Without concern, the Shelby GT500 and its claimed 200-mph top speed headline the 2013 Ford Mustang range. But all designs gotten design and packaging updates which make all of them about because advanced level as they’re gonna get before a brand new, more advanced pony vehicle shows up for 2015.

Much further down the hierarchy than the Shelby is it V-6 Premium model—ours was slathered in new-for-2013 Gotta get it Green metallic. The V-6 car features a far more contemporary look this year though embraces the strong, retro-themed goodness that we’ve come to anticipate through the existing car—we’ve currently driven a 2013 GT convertible, and you may read our test of a mechanically comparable 2011 V-6 coupe right here.

Arresting Appearance

As the 2013 car keeps the classic long-hood/short-tail silhouette, a new snout with a gaping, Shelby-esque grille lends a more sinister air. Restyled HID headlights with Light-emitting Diode accents are standard, and modified, sequential taillights with LED elements are brand-new.

Other 2013 changes through the addition of Ford’s Track Apps, which have a home in a fresh 4.2-inch group show and measure real time acceleration, braking, and managing overall performance. The exact same info screen—operated by a four-way steering-wheel-mounted switch—now includes a menu to modify the firmness associated with the electrical power steering between Comfort, traditional, and Sport settings, which were added for 2012. Real steering feedback remains instead obscure, nevertheless the heavier recreation setting details the extremely light feel we’ve noted on previous Mustangs. An updated Shaker audio system really has the volume to complement our tester’s outside.

A Great Performer

While V-8­–powered designs obtained noteworthy mechanical revisions for 2013, V-6 vehicles performedn’t, and thus drive very similar as they have considering that the 2011 refresh, that will be to state with zeal. The automobile is even better using the $1495 V-6 Efficiency package—a strut-tower support, thicker anti-roll bars, stiffer front side springs, special front side and rear braking system calipers with performance pads, brand new 19-inch rims with Pirelli P Zero summer time tires, more-aggressive stability-control programming, shorter (3.31:1) gearing with a limited-slip differential, gloss black exterior mirrors, and a deleted extra tire. Our car had the pack, therefore believed light on its feet but still rode pretty much. It seems somewhat better balanced compared to the thicker GT, also.

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