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May 24, 2019
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We interviewed a few professionals from huge, busy OEM dealerships, most of whom declined become called. They universally blamed high repair expenses on vehicle complexity and the crowded engine compartments of modern-day automobiles.

We then requested Bob Freudenberger, editor-in-chief of Master Technician magazine, previous solution technician and PM factor, for his view. "A technician's individual toolbox can cost around $100K for a senior specialist who is obtained plenty of capability-enhancing special tools."

"A building situated on a beneficial location on a highway can price the store owner $2000 monthly per bay, possibly $1500 if place actually nearly as good. Because most separate repair center proprietors tend to be technicians whom believed they might fare better, the shop is rented, maybe not possessed. A four-bay separate store can recognize perhaps a half-million gross annually—but from there are wages when it comes to mechanics and parts dudes, rent, heat and light, disposal of dangerous waste and trash, marketing and advertising, accessibility repair information and perhaps some profit. That is what keeps labor rates in $80 to $120 an hour or so vicinity, although the professional is making just 25 % of that."

"The store owner is making an income of fifteen to twenty percent, definitely not a great deal. Even dealer, which often charges more hourly, is making the same profits on return on his usually larger store, with an increase of bays and more staff members and bigger financial investment in components inventory and unique tools."

Keeping Prices Down

How will you minimize huge repair expenses?

Maintain your car properly maintained.

Changing a timing belt within recommended interval may cost a hundred or so dollars, however, if it snaps, the engine could be destroyed. A brand new collection of brake pads is far cheaper than waiting until the backing plates ruin the braking system discs, an such like.

Develop a commitment.

Since most separate repair stores charge comparable for a car care while the quick-lube joints, choose one and use it on a regular basis. Then, if you want a repair, you are a consistent and could get a more sympathetic ear. Plus, they'll certainly be thrilled to point out needed upkeep that might save a bundle over episodic, catastrophic repairs.

Look around.

Don't be afraid to ask for another viewpoint on major items. A second auto mechanic might have a better, less expensive solution. Perhaps. Some stores are more amenable to prioritizing essential repairs before you are able all of them. It isn't strange discover components for far less at NAPA or over cyberspace as opposed to having to pay complete skid on supplier.

Go beyond conventional sourcing.

Don't forget that some components are compatible which you may be able to find that intake valve guide for your Porsche cheaper within the VW parts catalog. Do not forget rebuilt, remanufactured or used components. You will for sure do have more time than a busy store owner to search for the thing you need. I recently invested over per week, on / off, searching for an odd air-­conditioning component for my spouse's vehicle that at least four components professionals couldn't supply anywhere.

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