Most expensive car tires

October 15, 2019
Most Expensive Tires in the

1. LeTourneau L-2350 front-loader - Each pneumatic tyre weighs in at 6.8 tonne, is 4m in diameter, 1.8m large and it is covered in stores to give living to year. Cost: $63, 000 each.

2. Caterpillar 797 dump vehicle - Michelin 59/80R63 XDR tend to be 3.9m in diameter, weigh 5.3 tonnes and replacing a tyre means you will be undoing (and tightening) 47 peanuts. Price: $42, 500 every.

3. Bugatti Veyron - Michelin Pilot Sport PAX (run level) 245/690 R520 (front) and 365/710 R540 (backside) tyres. Designed to maintain 406km/h and a brisk 0-300km/h time of significantly less than 14 moments. Price: $10, 000 each.

4. Space shuttle - the key landing gear tyres are just advantageous to one landing whilst smaller nose tyres can perform two. The bigger tyres are moved on nitrogen to 340psi, are ranked at 56 tonnes load and 420km/h. Cost: $5500.

5. Monster Truck - produced by Goodyear and Firestone to a particular measurements of 2.6m high and 1.7m broad. The typical monster truck group undergoes eight tyres per year. Each is hand-cut - taking up to 50 hours per tyre - for particular track conditions and driving design. Cost: $2500 each.

6. Boeing 747 - Uses two nostrils and 16 main tyres using the mains beneficial to about six many years with retreading. The tyres weigh 110kg each but a 1.2m diameter. Cost: $2000 each.

7. Formula One - control tyres at 265/55R13 (front side) and 325/R13 (back) last a maximum of 200km and at the end of their helpful life are recycled. Teams generally speaking have no less than 20 tyres per vehicle readily available. Price: $1500 each.

8. 1929 Leyland Lion coach - The pride associated with Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum needed brand new tyres to celebrate its 50th anniversary. They were especially built in the US. Cost: $800 each.

9. Porsche Turbo - rubberized selections for a corner consist of Toyo Proxes R888 at 285/30ZR18 that may endure 30, 000km if you are good. The tyres meet a variety of cars yet not Proton S16. Price: $500 each.

10. Tufo Elite Pulse tubular bike roadway tyre - High traction Silane tyre features 10 percent less rolling opposition than competitors and weighs only 230g. Comes only in black colored and dimensions 700x22. You may need two among these and a bicycle too. Cost: $150 each.

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