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February 28, 2018
Motor Vehicle Log Book

By using this technique:

  • there is no need written evidence nevertheless could need to be able to show how you worked out your company kilometres (like, by producing diary documents of work-related trips)
  • your claim is based on a set price for each business kilometre, and
  • you can claim at the most 5, 000 company kilometres even though you have actually travelled much more.

For instance, if you travelled 5, 085 company kilometres while want to use this method, you are able to only claim the cost of travelling 5, 000 kilometres. You simply cannot claim when it comes to additional 85 kilometres.

If you purchased the automobile, you'll claim 12percent of cost of the vehicle. In the event that you leased the car, you can easily claim 12% of its marketplace worth at that time which you initially leased it.

  • Your car or truck must have (or will have if you had it for your monetary year) travelled more than 5, 000 company kilometres throughout the monetary 12 months.
  • The maximum permitted deduction is 12% of this vehicle limit around where you very first used or leased the vehicle.

You do not need written research by using this method, nevertheless may need to have the ability to show the manner in which you resolved your online business kilometres.

This method lets you claim one-third of each and every automobile expense. Automobile expenses don't add money prices, including the preliminary price of your car or improvements towards automobile.

  • You want written evidence for several vehicle costs aside from gas and oil prices.
  • There are 2 ways to work-out gasoline and oil costs. Use your gas and oil receipts when you yourself have all of them or keep odometer documents and then make an acceptable estimate according to those documents.

Odometer records need to show the odometer reading associated with the automobile in the beginning and end regarding the duration which you possessed or leased the vehicle. They should additionally show the car's motor ability, make, model and registration number.

You can also need certainly to show how you exercised your business kilometres and any reasonable estimate you made.

If you utilize this process your claim is dependent on the business enterprise use percentage of each car expense.

You need to keep:

  • a logbook to calculate the business enterprise use percentage
  • odometer readings for the start and end regarding the duration you owned or leased the car, and
  • written research for many car costs, except for gas and oil expenses.

Your logbook is legitimate for five years. You really must have kept a logbook during the very first 12 months this process is used. The logbook must cover at the least 12 continuous weeks.

If you started initially to make use of your automobile for business functions significantly less than 12 months ahead of the end regarding the earnings year, you are able to continue to keep a logbook in to the next earnings year so that your logbook covers the necessary 12 days. Should you want to make use of the logbook method for two or more automobiles, the logbook for each automobile must cover equivalent duration.

Should your claim relates to the 2013-14 earnings year along with perhaps not kept a logbook since 2008-09, you really must have held a brand new logbook for 2013-14. In the event that you couldn't keep a fresh logbook for 2013-14 you simply cannot utilize the logbook strategy.

If for example the claim relates to the 2012-13 earnings year along with perhaps not held a logbook since 2007-08, you really need to have held a logbook for 2012-13. In the event that you would not hold a fresh logbook for 2012-13, you can not utilize the logbook strategy.

Your logbook must contain the after information:

  • if the logbook duration starts and finishes
  • the automobiles odometer readings in the beginning and end associated with logbook period
  • the full total amount of kilometres that the vehicle travelled throughout the logbook period
  • the number of kilometres travelled for work during log-book period considering journeys taped when you look at the logbook. If you make two or more consecutively on a single time, they could be taped as a single trip, and
  • the company usage portion for the logbook period.

If you use a logbook from an earlier year that set up your business use portion, you'll want to keep that logbook and continue maintaining odometer documents.

In addition, you require a logbook in the event that ATO said written down to help keep one. We never supply logbooks. Pre-printed logbooks can be found from stationery manufacturers you can also draw up yours.

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