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June 11, 2019
Arshad R

This destination is a joke. I went in on Friday made a deal with Dean on Jeep. All he had doing had been fax the contract to my bank so I could sign the promissory note and get the check. Every little thing with my bank had been already authorized. Dean told me he would call me Monday morning when it was done. I never heard from him. We left him a few SERVERAL communications rather than got a call straight back. We left much more messages on Tuesday and then when I called Wednesday, he really responded. He stated he went up north going snowboarding and they were simply on their way home. He didn't have any cell service so he just now got my messages. Okay great, nice understand. He guaranteed me personally as he returned to your company, however deliver the knowledge to my bank. Thursday afternoon came and I however heard nothing from him. I called and left a message...nothing. I labeled as again a couple of hours later on and he answered. Stated that he had a girl facing him looking to get the funds for the Jeep I experienced already made a deal on with him. Their excuse had been that she "looked" at it before i did so. However when I asked if she had made a deal with him at that moment, he said no. I told him we did have a deal and all he had to do had been send the info to my lender and then we may have finished every little thing right then and there, but he didn't follow-through. Then explained he was attempting to talk her into a different, less expensive car since she was having difficulty finding money for Jeep, so to allow him finish speaking with her and he would call me personally back.Still no call back. Get figure. This spot is terrible. I will never sell to this spot. The guy did not have even the balls to phone myself and tell me he was supporting from our price.

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